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wreaths & pies with bows

Bow pie toppers

With sweet holiday desserts popping up everywhere this week and a million reasons to bake, gift and give treats. All that flour can start to feel overwhelming. Right!?!

Instead of stressing yourself out about working from scratch – take a little help today from me and Marie Callender’s to gussy up a pie that is made with fresh ingredients and a traditional crust recipe. Make it your own with a simple and signature holiday bow and host a pie service that is fresh from the oven without all the work.

Bow pie toppers

DIY Fabric Bows

Making simple fabric bows is one of my favorite holiday cheats. They look amazing and take almost no time to complete. Use small ones to top holiday desserts, gifts, and sweets – while a maxi version will finish off a wreath in major holiday style.

To make the bows you will need fabric in various bold hues, floral wire and pipe cleaners.

Start by folding the bows over and secure in the middle by wrapping a pipe cleaner around the center. To give the bows a big and pretty form use floral wire placed vertically at the end of each bow. Bend and shape anyway you want for a detail that will make all your holiday treats seem a little more special.

Bow topped pies

Fabric bow for wreaths

For the larger bow, place the floral wire at the ends, and also one or two strands through the middle for a graphic presentation that will stay in form all season long.

Bow topped pies

Holiday wreath

Bow topped pies

It’s little details like these simple bows in graphic prints, and pies that taste amazing (even though they are not from scratch) that make my holidays manageable and beautiful for me!

MC Logo (1)Marie Callender’s takes special care to make each pie look and taste homemade. By using fresh ingredients like hand picked blackberries and tried and true recipes, each pie will taste like you made it from scratch.

Compensation was provided for this post by Congra. The opinions and project are all mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Congra. I’m so excited to be bringing you fun posts like every day because of our awesome sponsors!

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).


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