How to make a boys bow-tie, pinwheel style.

A beginner, super easy project that would be adorable produced as a single boys bow-tie, or made in mass for lovely party favors.

Pinwheel Boys Bowtie

Make your own pinwheel boys bowtie,

Start with 2 strips of contrasting fabric 16 inch x 1 inch. Sew the strips together to form the boy’s bowtie band. Leave a small opening and turn out with a pencil or safety pin. Press and finish off by stitching small circles of Velcro, or a hook & eye on each band end.

Take the fabric for the actual bow and cut it down to 11 x 1.5 inches. Fold the fabric inwards towards the back, 1/4 of the way in on each side, fabric glue or stitch to hold into place.

Fold down the front of the bow, scrunching together in three parts and stitch bow into place, then attach the bow onto the neck band. This will leave you with a simple basic boys bow-tie, all you need to add is the pinwheel.

To make the pinwheel, I followed the same steps as the paper pinwheel tutorial. Take a piece of fabric cut to a 1.5 inch square. Make cuts in all four corners, then begin folding in towards the center. Fabric glue or stitch the corners into the center. When finished hand stitch to attach the pinwheel to the boys bow-tie band.

Cut 1/4 inch piece of fabric that matches your boys bow-tie. Use a dab of fabric glue and center it directly on top of your pinwheel to finish it off.

Details: I left all of the exposed ends of fabric loose for this bow-tie. The roughness lent a little extra boyish charm to the piece. To make yours extra perfect, or if you have lots of free time- you could hem all the edges;)

Make one for a sweet boys photo.

Or make a bunch for fun party favors that will be joyfully received.