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Bridal Shower Games Printable – Free Game Ideas for the Best Celebration 2022

Brides must be nervous yet ecstatic about their big day, and one of the first steps is to throw a bridal shower!

How do you make sure that day is one for the history books without spending too much money or time on planning?

We took care of the hard part and created free bridal shower games printable for easy access below to make sure the celebration is a big hit!

Bridal Shower Games – Printable Ideas

Being in charge of the “fun” part of a bridal shower is an enormous responsibility and one that most likely falls on a bridesmaid.

We have a few printable bridal shower game ideas that will make sure you have something up your sleeves to keep the attendees engaged and entertained.

1. Simple Bridal Shower Trivia

A trivia game is one of the simplest games around. Although this type of game is easy to create and requires little to no preparation, it’s still one of the most popular ones (just look on app store games)!

The game will be all about the bride, and the goal is to quiz everyone at the shower on facts about the special lady. Have everyone write their answers on the questionnaire, then tally up the correct answers to determine your winner!

Maybe even get some prizes ready for the winner of each of these fun bridal shower games.

What we also really like about this simple idea is it encourages people to get to know the bride even more.

We’re aware that her closest friends may have an unfair advantage, so you can even split the questions into categories of easy, medium and difficult!

Here are some examples to get you started.


  • When is the bride’s birthday?
  • Where is she born?
  • Where/when/how did she meet the groom?
  • What’s her favorite color?
  • What’s her favorite food?
  • What car does she drive?
  • What is her mother/sister/father/brother’s name?
  • How many siblings does she have?


  • What is the bride’s shoe size?
  • What elementary/high school did she attend?
  • What is her first pet’s name?
  • Her favorite coffee?
  • What was her first job?
  • What cities has she lived in before?
  • What was her first car?
  • How many languages does she speak?


  • Who was her first crush?
  • How old was she when ……?
  • What is her pet peeve?
  • What is her guilty pleasure?

2. Bridal Bingo!

Who doesn’t love bingo?

This is the perfect game to incorporate into gift-opening. Instead of boring numbers, the bingo sheet is filled with gifts for the lovely bride!

We know the tiny squares won’t fit actual gifts for the bride, but each guest will need to write down what gifts she thinks the bride will receive.

As the bride goes through her presents, each participant will park off the space that corresponds to the gift. If no one receives a bingo at the end of the game, you can just add up the number of squares marked for a winner.

Gift examples can include:

  • Coffee mugs/cups
  • >Monogrammed pajamas
  • Candles
  • Champagne or wine accessories
  • >Picture frames
  • Home decor items

3. What’s In Your Purse?

how to play what's in your purse

How about the good old-fashioned “what’s in your purse” game?

It’s an oldy but a goody, and one that is guaranteed to give you some fun times! The idea is to have a list of common, medium and rare items that people would carry in their purses.

The common column has the least number of points, while the rare items will win the most.

Each guest will go through their purse and tick off any items they have in their purse off of the list. The person with the most points at the end will be the winner!

We have a detailed guide for creating the best what’s in your purse game with a free printout as well. Check it out here!

4. Bridal Treasure Hunt

Scavenger/treasure hunts are games we often see at kids’ birthday parties, but they can be a hit at a bridal shower as well! How does it work in a bridal-themed shower? Let us show you.

You can expand the game area into the whole neighborhood or limit it to the property – whatever you wish. A treasure hunt will require a bit more prep but trust us, it’ll be a hit!

You can hide a few of the same bridal-themed items (such as fake plastic rings), but we like to up the stakes a bit and hide a list of items throughout an area and have people check off what they find. The winner will be the person who has located the most items.

You can also do what we did for the what’s in my purse game and divide the items into categories with items that are worth more or fewer points.

It also doesn’t have to be a hunt for items, you can demand tasks as well! We’ll leave it up to you to divide the categories, but we have some ideas for what to include on your scavenger list to get the ball rolling.

You can also save yourself a lot of time and use our printable!


  • Nail polish
  • Sunglasses
  • Lipstick
  • Brush/comb
  • Hand lotion
  • Eyeliner
  • Compact mirror
  • Tissues
  • Perfume


  • Take a picture with a person with dyed hair
  • Find someone with a wedding in the same month as the bride
  • Get a guy’s phone number
  • Create the next bridal shower game after the hunt ‘

5. Guess the Guest

Guess the guest, commonly referred to as Who Am I?, Is one of our favorite bridal shower games that also fits into bachelorette party themes if you make it a little naughtier. For the sake of the bridal shower, we’re going to keep it PG.

You can go about this game one of two ways – using previous experiences and memories guests have had with the bride, or test the bride’s knowledge of each guest and guess who it could be.

The first way, using previous experiences, will require you to do some research beforehand and interview each guest. Have them tell you a notable experience they have shared with the bride and list them down.

Here is an example to get you started:

  • A memory about a significant vacation/weekend trip
  • An embarrassing moment you both shared
  • The time you revealed a crush/big secret to each other

The second way is noting down something memorable or notable about a certain guest and seeing if the bride knows enough about that person to get it right.

The experiences do not have to be associated with the bride herself. This can test how well the bride knows her guests. Even if she doesn’t know for sure who it is, she can still put her knowledge to the test by thinking about who it most likely may be.

Some examples would be:

  • The person who once had blue hair
  • The person who once got so tipsy they…..
  • The person who has never…..

Not only is it fun to learn new things about each other, but the trip down memory lane is a nice touch before the bride sets off on the next chapter of her life.

Final Thoughts

A bride’s journey to happily ever after is one that she will remember forever. We want to help her (or you) celebrate the big day by making sure the organizer is armed and ready with fun and engaging games that will definitely make it a memorable experience!

You can create your own game, but better yet, why not just download one of our pintable’s so you’re ready to go?