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Bright Accordion Paper Wreath for a 10-Minute Party Set Up

I am always looking for simple ways to brighten up the house, especially during summer and this paper wreath is my favorite way to do it! A burst of color on the door, a gorgeously hued corner – bright festive touches always make me so glad to be home.

And the festive details around the house make it easy to throw together a party in 10 minutes flat! This paper wreath is so fun to make and it is a super easy project. It is definitely a go-to project when the kids are home from school and during the holidays!

Paper Wreath for 10 Minute Party Set Up

How to use a paper wreath for party decoration

With this kind of decor in your house, it is SO easy to decorate for a party in under 10 minutes. Add fishing line to the wreath to hang them from the ceiling or put them all over the walls for pops of color everywhere. And they already look so festive, all of your guests will be wondering where you bought your decorations!

This paper wreath is also an awesome piece to hang for a photo booth backdrop for your party! Just get some silly masks or props like these super cute crowns and step in front of the wreath for an awesome photoshoot that all of the party attendees are sure to love. Hanging it is super easy and taking it down is even easier; as much as I love an easy party set up, an easy party take down is even better!

How to Make a Bright Accordion Paper Wreath

How to use paper wreaths for the holidays

Because the wreath is so easy to make and it is just paper and glue, you can use any colors you want! Thus making this the perfect decoration for holidays and for general year round decoration!

This last holiday season, the kids and I sat down and made one with orange and black for Halloween, one with orange, red, brown, and yellow for Thanksgiving, and of course one that was red and green for Christmas! And the kids LOVE getting to switch them out with each holiday.

But of course, when it comes down to it, our favorite wreath is the one that stays up during the rest of the year with all of the prettiest bright colors. It looks perfect on the door of our pantry, above our fireplace, and even as a simple wall decoration. And if they get messed up at all, it is super easy to make new ones!

Bright Accordion Paper Wreath for Party Backdrop

This accordion paper fold wreath is fabulous for hanging up to brighten the house today, and will be a great party backdrop tomorrow. Accordion folds are some of the simplest folds imaginable, and the bright colors of this wreath make it a new favorite of mine. Yay for easy, pretty projects!

Read on here for the full instructions. And while you’re at it, fold a couple more pieces of paper, because – miniature accordion wreaths also make great party hats! Isn’t paper magical?

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry.)

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