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Styrofoam balls party crafts

styrofoam balls party garland

These bright styrofoam balls are my happiest project of the season. They hang effortlessly over a simple grey chair. They brighten up a white wall. They look adorable piled in a bunch in the corner. There is not much that a bright strand of styrofoam balls made into garland can not do for me, (except maybe cook breakfast!).

Painted styrofoam balls

Make styrofoam balls into party garland

This garland is made of Styrofoam balls which are cheap to come by in packs at local craft stores, like here. You will also need a selection or pretty paints, a wooden box, sewing pins and a string and needle for hanging.

styrofoam balls party garland

I picked out a few pretty colors of paint to coat the styrofoam balls in. Bright pinks, oranges and pale pinks are always a go-to party garland look for me. Paint each of the styrofoam balls by holding onto one side and carefully painting around your fingers, then finish the ball off (gloves will protect your hands from any paint residue).

For a consistent dry I found that sticking them on the tops of pins works great. The pins are easy to stand poked through a cardboard box. Start on the underneith side and poke them through, then gently rest the wet painted balls on top of the needles. Allow to fully dry.

Once the balls are dry, string a needle with a bit of thin thread or fishing wire. Line the balls up in an order that looks good and use the needle to thread them together. Finish off with knots on both ends to hold the balls onto the string. Hand on the wall, on chairs, or along the sides of tables for everyday festive party style.

Everyone needs to make this project for the weekend, for a party, for a wedding, or even for Wednesday pasta night. For whatever reason you might have. This painted styrofoam balls garland will make your day better. I promise.


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    • Laura, Yes totally! I hung them up in the office after this shoot and they really do make me smile. It’s crazy that color has such an affect on our moods:)

  1. Oh my! This project is stunning. It is the kind of “why didn’t I think of that” when you consider the process but the result is gorgeous and expensive looking. I love the colors you chose, very fall-ish, yet very bright. Thank you for the inspiration :)

    • Lisa, thanks! Something about this fall season has particularly drawn me to bright colors. I find them so refreshing amidst the sea of grays and blacks around.

    • Camberley, Thanks. I used the pearlized Martha Stewart collection and a small foam brush to paint the balls. the orange color I thinned out just a bit with water and that seemed to help the darker color not clump so much. Hope that helps!

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