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Bright Beaded Garland

Pretty painted garland in a loopy formation adds a special, sweet touch to holiday décor. Like a string of jewels for the mantel or tree.

Make this simple project by; painting small craft beads using acrylic paint. Each loop on the garland uses 25 beads and extends 4″ in length. Helpful hint: When painting, string the beads onto a wooden skewer and paint each color at a time. Let dry.

Once all of the beads are painted, string 20 beads onto a jewelry wire. Mark the sixth bead in your line and thread the end of the wire through that bead. This creates a loop. Once the loop has been created, string 5 more beads onto the wire to finish your first loop.

Repeat this process with the next color by stringing 20 beads onto the wire, threading the wire back through the sixth bead to make a loop and adding 5 more beads, finishing the second loop. Continue this process until the garland reaches a desired length.

Project Styling by Laura Parke for A Subtle Revelry, The Holiday Issue.

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