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bright fabric ball wreath

Changing out the wreath is a yearly fall tradition. This year in keeping with my bright and festive theme for fall I decided on a more colorful display than usual. Since our front door is dark, the bright balls of fabric work well to lighten the entrance and the wreath is colorful enough to hang for any season.

When the door eventually needs a new look again, the bright fabric ball wreath will fit just perfectly inside my sweet girl’s room. Casting a shadow of bright festive fun, that will grow up with her.

To make the bright balled wreath; you will need a few color fabrics of your choice, small balls and a wreath frame – we used a mixture of wooden balls and Styrofoam available at the local craft store. Begin by cutting small squares in the fabric, and laying out the balls to a structured design.

Wrap each ball with a square of fabric and hot glue closed. Once the balls of a particular color are wrapped begin gluing them onto the wreath frame. To get the best hold hot glue the ball and hold it for 30 seconds. The hot glue bond will last through anything.

PS. Another set of bright balls.

Photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.

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