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bright printable lunch bags

My kids start the new school year Monday! It seems crazy early to me and I am scrambling a bit to get everyone ready. Whether “back-to-school” is next week or next month, these adorable lunch bags will be perfect to send your kids off in a bright, festive style. They say, “let’s do this school year!” in the best type of way.

To make the bags you’ll need to download our printable lunch bag template. It’s free and can be used on any type of paper bag (just resize accordingly).

To print on paper lunch bags, use an inkjet printer. Start by opening the printable paper lunch bag template, measure your bag size, and resize the file accordingly. If you are not familiar to resizing files, PicMonkey is a free service that will do it for you! Once the file is sized right, run each bag through (bottom side down) and print away.

Make one to send the kids off, first-day-of-school style, or make a batch and have the cutest lunch bags all year long – no last minute scrambling needed!

Project design and photography by Sibylle, of Funkytime for A Subtle Revelry.

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