This bright parasol backdrop is great for backyard birthdays and showers this spring, providing a beautiful pop of color behind a focal table or a vibrant place to snap photos of your guests. The PVC pipe base can be re-used for all sorts of other parties and events – anytime you need a sturdy backdrop to display something a little awkward or heavy. Plus the entire instillation can be made in about an hour!

I am pleased Kelly is sharing this massive impact DIY today, see some other ideas of hers in her new book, Handmade Hostess. Read on for the full instructions.

To make the bright parasol backdrop; You will need a PVC pipe cutter, (8) 10’ poles of 1” diameter PVC pipe, and the following 1” PVC pipe connectors:  (4) elbows, (12) T-joints, and (4) straight connectors.

To make the PVC pipe base: Measure and mark with a pencil the following measurements: (4) 6’ cross bars, (4) 6’2” side pieces, (4) 7” spacers, (8) 2” connectors, and (4) 3’3” legs. Press the PVC pipe cutter firmly right onto the pencil line and then squeeze repeatedly until the PVC pipe is cut. (It helps to have someone strong using the PVC pipe cutter although it is possible to do it yourself!) Applying a layer of wax to the end of the PVC pipe will make it easier to take apart when you are done.  Assemble pieces as shown in the diagram.

To decorate with the parasols: Wrap the PVC pipe base with a couple of tarps or fabric drop cloths.  We used 15 parasols in a few shades of pink and teal ranging in size from 28”-33” in diameter.  Cut slits in the tarp – front and back – starting with the corners and working your way towards the center saving a few favorite parasols for the focal point.  A piece of duct tape just below the slit will help keep the parasol in place.  Insert the handle of the parasol through both slits.  Continue until the tarp is covered.

This project is a sneak peak from inside Kelly’s new book – which includes 36 sewing projects for the parties you might be hosting this spring, check it out right here.