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brilliantly free floral fonts

I am thrilled we are almost to spring. The season just gorgeous! I love seeing the textures and colors burst onto our clothing, projects, and nature itself this time of year. It seems appropriate that our fonts should brighten and lighten up as well. I mean… why still write in winter’s dull type, when you can add a bit of floral spunk to your notes, posts and invites this month? Here is a collection of the most brilliantly pretty (and free!) floral fonts to bring your correspondence effortlessly into spring.

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Floral Fonts

Brilliantly free floral fonts:

1. Bacana, by MAGOfonts | 2. Anagram, by Nick’s Fonts | 3. Floral, by Manfred Klein | 4. Little Daisy, by West Wind Fonts | 5. Notera, by Mans Greback | 6. Botanink, by Mans Greback | 7. Sapphire Sativa, by Gaut Fonts | 8. First Bloom, by Kat’s Fun Fonts | 9. Marry You, by Nishat Firoj | 10. Line and Draw, by M. Jordan Raspatie | 11. Leafy, by West Wind Fonts | 12. Bonney Lass, by Jonathan S. Harris | 13. Rhumba Script, by Nick’s Fonts | 14. Sevillana, by Brownfox | 16. JG Script On, by Julia Guinto | 17. Judy’s Garland, by GorillaBlu | 18. Qirlycues, by Qfonts | 19. Scriptia Happy, by Paulo R | 20. Shelley, by DJ Shermany | 21. Robinne Truecase, by Nymphon | 22. Giddyup | 23. Sang Fatchurrohmah, by Gunarta | 24. Inklings, by MCH | 25. Oceania, by Kreativ Fonts

Graphic created by Alli of Hooray, for A Subtle Revelry. See the full font gallery right here.

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