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Bubble Gum Slime Recipe – Largest Slime Bubbles Around

Did you know there was such thing as bubble gum slime, that actually blows bubbles? You know we are big fans of slime around here. Even if you didn’t, I’m sure by hearing that I have a 9 year old girl it would be an EASY guess. We’d been busy making all kinds of slime this year – remember this Marshmallow Creme Slime Party Cake? Today we are creating a bubble gum slime recipe that is such a fun way to kick off summer fun.

How to make bubble gum slime

Well I have to say of all the slimes we’ve make, making bubble gum slime is obviously our new favorite thing! This bubble gum slime recipe is colorful, bright, filled with sprinkles and actually blows bubbles! Just like gum, but WAY bigger and better. You’ll have to see how big we got a bubble later in this post. We used our fluffy slime recipe without borax as a starter and created the fun from there,

Bubble Gum SlimeBubble Gum Slime Ingredients

Bubble Gum Slime Recipe

To make bubble gum slime you will need:

  • 8 fl oz glue (2 4 oz bottles)
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp contact solution
  • Food coloring
  • Sprinkles

Bubble Gum Slime Recipe

1. To start the bubble gum slime recipe you’ll use a bowl and pour all the glue right into.

2. Add a few drops of food coloring and stir until well mixed. Add more drops until you reach your bubble gum slime desired color. We went for pink, obviously! But you can pick any color to make the bubble gum slime.

Bubble Gum Slime step by step

3. Add baking soda & the contact solution and stir well all together until the slime starts to feel firm.

4. Hand mix in the sprinkles as desired.

Bubble Gum Slime

Now for the fun part… The bubbles!

Place a small amount of the bubble gum slime onto the tip of the straws and blow! A bubble that will get quite large and burst! I am loving this whole new way to enjoy a an already family favorite – fluffy slime recipe without Borax. Adding the sprinkles and making it extra fun with the bubble blowing element.

One tip we learned along the way is to use a medium (not to thick and not to thin) piece of the slime and to ensure it is thinned out by hand before placing it over the straw.

Then you’ll need to hold the slime down onto the straw, if you followed the bubble gum slime recipe above – it will make the right consistency to ensure the slime can be easily held against the straw.

The bubbles get biggest if you blow long and then take a breath and blow again, for my sons bubble I think he stopped and started blowing maybe 8 times. Going slow this way allows the bubble to get HUGE without popping right away on the kids.

super large slime bubble

Really any way you do it, making slime is a fun project that the entire family will love. We have more slime projects coming this summer.

Look how big they get! So fun. Do you have a favorite way to make slime?

(Photography in the post @ASubtleRevelry by Abbey Kay).

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