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Bullet Journal Motivational Balloons

Do What You Love

Like the rest of the world, I started a bullet journal a few months ago. I’ve always loved a paper journal and getting to add creative spunk to it has been fun. I’ve been keeping lists of everything from photo shoot ideas to fictional books that I want to read.

But my favorite part of the process by far is the STICKERS!

I’ve purchased a few different brands of stickers for my own bullet journaling and they make the entire process even better. Who doesn’t need a work of encouragement or reminder they are awesome on a Monday morning?

Since they made me so happy, I’ve decided to combine them with my other favorite joy bringer – balloons!

These awesome motivational balloons are the best idea to have hanging out by our desks at the start of the week. Work It Girl! They’re a great idea to bring along to a mid-day office meeting, an early morning planning sess, or an encouraging girl’s night at home. I may just leave these balloons on the steps of my favorite friends houses since everyone can use a little boost of encouragement now and then.

Make today count!

High Five Balloon

I mean… sometimes we just need a good High Five to kick off the week!

Motivational Balloons

DIY motivational balloons

Bullet Journal Motivation Balloons

To make the motivation balloons you will need:

To create the look place the sticks on the balloons! There’s not an easier (or more encouraging) balloon DIY out there.

Bullet Journal Balloons

Cheers to a week of hustling and yeses and all the things…

PS. Painted balloons

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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