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Bundt Cake Tray Ice Rings for Fall Punch Bowls

Inside: Bundt cake ice trays, perfect for your fall punch bowl! 

We always love summer, but there is just something about the changing of the weather that makes us want to have all of the fall parties and this time, we are making bundt cake tray ice rings to sit ever so beautifully in our fall punch bowls! Punch bowls can get so boring, but adding a little decoration to the ice is the perfect way to spice it up a little. Plus, these are sure to wow your guests because of the aesthetic appeal of the ice rings.

Bundt cake ice trays perfect for all bundt cake tray ice rings for your fall punch bowlsbundt cake tray ice rings for your fall punch bowlsbundt cake tray ice rings for your fall punch bowls

Bundt Cake Tray Ice Rings

This project was so easy and I got to be as creative as I wanted with the bundt cake tray design. Since these are for all of our fall punch bowls, I wanted to use warmer colored fruits that make us crave a change in the weather. For this project, I used apples, oranges, cranberries, thyme, and some fresh flowers with a few other things mixed in. I started by stacking different slices of fruit around a bundt cake tray, making sure that everything was spread out evenly. Don’t forget to make sure there are different layers as the top and bottom will have different designs!

After you are content with how everything looks in the tray, take water and slowly pour it over the top. I put the prepared bundt cake trays in the freezer overnight just to be sure that the ice rings would be completely frozen before serving. fall punch bowl ideasOnce ready to take the ice rings out of the trays, I put the rings over a large bowl ice face down. I then blow-dried the top for just under a minute. After that, the ice will fall into the bowl. Make sure you look at both sides, they will both be so unique. Then, just add your punch of choice and your fall punch bowl is all ready to serve.

bundt cake tray ice ringsbundt cake ice rings for your fallbundt cake tray ice rings DIY

Fall Punch Bowl Ideas

Fall punch bowls are a must for all of your festive parties this season, and these bundt cake ice trays add the perfect fall flair! Is your party adult only with a boozy punch or are all of the kids joining and you’re in need of a delicious juice? Either way, everyone is going to want to taste what you put in that gorgeous fall punch bowl.

A few of our favorite combinations are:

  • Fruit punch with an ice ring full of apples, cranberries, fresh flowers, and fresh herbs
  • A tropical juice with an ice ring of oranges, apples, pears, and bananas (try this juice from In the Kids Kitchen!)

 fall punch bowls with iced bundt rings


fall party punch bowlI cannot wait to see what other combos you come up with, so make sure you send them this way! I am currently counting down the days until our first fall celebration so I can show off all of these fun bundt cake pan ice rings. And for another festive ice craft, check out these glitter ice cubes!

(Styling and photography @A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah).

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