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bunny balloons

Bunny Balloons

Happy Friday! We have had an exciting week around here and these little bunny balloons are exactly the bright dose of fun needed to close it out. I was staring at a white balloon the other day and thinking how great it would look with bunny ears attached. Right!?! So obviously, I dropped everything to make it happen! The balloons are great fun for topping Easter baskets, hanging by the brunch buffet, and marking seats at the Easter dinner table.

Bunny Balloons

Bunny Balloons

Bunny Balloons

To make the bunny balloons blow up white balloons (helium filled balloons will work for this project – although we used breath filled balloons attached wood skewers which worked great for basket topping). Take one piece of tissue paper and scrunch it down to form the ear. Make a second ear.

Next, attach both tissue ears to the back of the balloon with clear tape. Flip it over and glue on a little poof for the nose (found these pink ones in the dollar section at Target). Finally, use a sharpie to hand draw the bunny’s whiskers and mouth.

Bunny Balloons

PS. Looking for adorable Easter baskets for the kid’s? Every year I pop into our local thrift stores and always find gems for super cheap, like this elephant basket my son will soon be loving.

P.S.S. More creative Easter ideas right here.

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