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Easy Butterfly Balloon Animal Step by Step


Making balloon animals for parties is one of the easiest ways to bring gigantic smiles to all the kid’s faces. And the best news is… you don’t have to be a clown to create them!

Our take on making a crazy easy butterfly balloon animal is so simple anyone can do it.

Learn how to make balloon animals and hand them out for each kid or create an entire party display with the fluttering balloons.

Who needs a clown when mom has all the balloon skills she needs?!

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How to Make Balloon Animals

Butterfly Balloons

Although the butterfly balloon animal won’t float, you can arrange them and hang them on the wall for an adorable party scene.

This is my favorite tape for hanging balloons on the wall – it will stick for the entire party without falling.

Once the balloons are up, these butterfly cake toppers will beautifully complete the party theme.

Butterfly Balloon Animal
Butterfly Balloon Animal Instructions

Butterfly Balloon Animal

To make the butterfly balloon animal you will need:

How to make a butterfly balloon animal - easy step by step instructions

How To Make A Butterfly Balloon Animal

To make a butterfly balloon animal we want to start with the wings first!

Having the wings created to give the base to the butterfly balloon and will help create the fluttering look you are after.

To make the butterfly wings:

1. Blow up two balloons of the same color. One at full length and one a little shorter. Tie each balloon into a loop.

You will want to use a hand balloon pump for this. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried blowing up these long balloons without a pump, but it will literally take your breath away. Save your lungs… use a pump!

2. Place the smaller loop inside the larger loop. With your right hand hold the knots and with your left hand pull the loops to find the centers.

Push your left hand to your right hand and twist the balloons a few times around themselves.

3. Do final twist to make sure the larger “wings” are positioned above the smaller “wings”.

To make the butterfly balloon animal body:

4. Blow up a contrasting balloon about 1.5’. Knot at the end.

5. Find the middle and make a twist to create ahead.

Butterfly Balloon Animals

To finish off making the butterfly balloon animal

6. Place the body over the wings and tie the ends together. Tuck (or trim) the long end to complete the butterfly balloon.

Wouldn’t these look fun floating around in the balloon window for a birthday party?

I’m even thinking who needs to wait for a party to create these? I may just take up making them in the park this summer! Kids are so easy to please, I can’t think of why I wouldn’t do it.

Whatever you are making balloon animals for this year, try out a butterfly! They are a great easy first option and look fun made in multiples.

Before you go, why not check out one of our most recommended balloon making subscription boxes? If you’re into creating balloon animals, check out our top choice Vika Twist.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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