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Cactus Coloring Page

As we all know, children concentrate better and learn more when they are doing something that involves movement, touch, and creativity. Coloring can be a great way to keep kids entertained and focused on a particular subject, whether at home or at school. 

The pictures are rather self-explanatory, so the children can tell you all about what is going on in the picture. Asking questions like; ‘Do you think cacti grow in cold or hot places?’ or ‘what animals are found where cacti grow? Will get their brains working and make them excited to answer.

Coloring in a cactus page can be done at home as both an entertaining and educational activity. It is especially fun during toddler play dates when the weather isn’t so good and the kids can’t play outside. 

Did you know there are over 2,000 different types of cacti out there? No, neither did we until recently.  I’m sure your kids aren’t aware of that either. 

All cacti have the same survival characteristics, like their sharp spines that protect their fleshy meat, their thick skin and they all photosynthesize. Each cactus type does tend to have a different shape and are well adapted to their own individual environment. 

We have put together a collection of our favorite educational and funny cactus coloring page templates that you can print out for free and enjoy with your children. We have also explained why we liked them so much and why we think they are beneficial to use. There are also some coloring pages for you adults, so enjoy! 

Birds Pecking at the Cactus

Taken from Best Coloring Pages For Kids

This image is a great illustration of what animals eat cacti. Most people think that because cacti are covered in spines and have very thick, unappealing looking skin, that they are poisonous or inedible. In fact, the opposite is true. Because the cacti are so succulent and moist inside animals in dry areas long for their moisture, and that is why the cacti protect themselves with such thick skin and spines.  

Teeny weeny insects such as beetles feast on cacti during droughts, you might be surprised to learn that larger animals manage to eat cacti too. Dears and jackrabbits chomp on cacti if they are particularly hungry or thirsty as they pass by.

Prickly Cactus 

Taken from Mom Junction

This is one to make you and the kids giggle. Just like you have to explain to a child that something is hot and shouldn’t be touched about 10 times before he or she understands, the same goes for not touching the spikes of a cactus. With this image they understand it straight away, as no one wants cactus spines stuck in their bottom, do they…

Realistic Cactus Bulbs and Flowers

Taken from Pinterest 

Okay, so this one is a little less childish and cartoony, but it does show the kids just a snippet of how different cacti can look from one another. As you can see from the image, each cactus has a different flower or bulb that sprouts from it. Even the spines are a different shape, some are thick and curved, and some are thin and long. 

Desert Cactus

Source taken from Pinterest

This image really shows how far out in isolated places some of the cactus plants are. You have sand dunes and big rocks in the picture, with little to no vegetation. You can start a conversation with the kids about where they think they will find cactus plants near home or close to places they have visited.

Fun Fact: In places like the south of Italy, there are cactus plants scattered all over small towns and villages. You can spot them on highways all huddled up together and even on the coastlines. Not your typical desert setting.

Adult Cactus Coloring Pages

Who said coloring is just for kids? There are so many gorgeous cactus coloring pages out there that are really detailed and would look great as a framed piece of quirky artwork in your home. 

Alternatively, it can simply be a bit of entertainment for you when you are finding it hard to sleep, or have just had enough of watching television. 

Spot the Cactus

Source Alisa Burke from Pinterest

Surely this will give you a good few hours of entertainment. Just let your mind rest and enjoy how therapeutic it really is to color. If you are feeling really creative, you can try to shade the flower petals, leaves, and stems. Hang the picture up once it’s complete. 

Abstract Cactus 

Taken from Pinterest

A slightly more abstract take on a cactus here. Imagine how really funky it would look colored in with unnatural colors. You can even paint or color the cactus itself with all different block shades of green. 

Simple Cactus and Flower

Source Blogsum from Pinterest

This one is for anyone that doesn’t feel too confident in their coloring skills and wants to try a simple template first. After all, sometimes keeping it simple is more than enough to come away with a striking and magical creation. 

Big Cactus Project

Taken from

Print this design off on a larger sheet of paper, the bigger the better. If you can print it on a card, then do so. This is for sure a showstopper piece and is designed to be seen. Think about the room you want to display it in and what colors are in that living space. 

These coloring in sheets don’t have to be realistic at all remember, so if you plan on showcasing your coloring in a room that doesn’t match the traditional tones of the drawing, mix it up! 

Large coloring projects such as this one don’t necessarily need to be framed as they look nice as a poster. 

A Quick Doodle Cactus

Taken from 123RF

You know those times when you’re on hold for hours and about to lose it? Next time get one of these doodle templates out to keep you distracted while you wait. 

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