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Cactus Ice Cream Cones

Cactus Ice Cream Cones

Dreaming of cactus on a rainy spring day. These cactus ice cream cones are a perfect way to welcome in summer. It is coming so soon! I love the season of warm weather, sweet melty treats, and lazy days of rest. Let’s make it even better with this fun take on an everyday ice cream cone.

Cactus Ice Cream Cones

Cactus Ice Cream Cones

To make the cactus ice cream cones you will need:

  • Green ice cream (we used Pistachio)
  • Sugar cones
  • Pink candy flowers
  • Cactus cookie cutter
  • 8″ cake pan
  • Saran wrap
  • Cake pop sticks

Cactus Ice Cream Cones

Cactus Ice Cream Cones

1. Place saran wrap in cake pan making sure it goes up the edges.

2. Pour softened ice cream into the pan, smoothing it out with a knife or spatula, (we used 2 pints of ice cream).

3. Place the pan back in freezer and wait until it’s hardens again, about 1 hour.

Cactus Ice Cream Cones
4. Fill sugar cones with ice cream and set aside.

5. Once the ice cream in the pan has hardened, use the cookie cutter to cut out cactus shapes.

6. Insert cake pop sticks into the bottom of the cactus cut out and insert into the ice cream already in the cones. Work quickly on this step so the ice cream doesn’t melt! Add the pink flower candies.

Cactus Ice Cream Cones

Place the cactus ice cream cones back in freezer standing up in cups if you are not serving immediately, so the ice cream can harden again. Serve up these summer beauties whenever ready!

PS. Pair with cactus balloons and your own colorful cactus plants for an easy desert themed party that is totally on point.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Alyson Lott).

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