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challenge | cakes and cute shoes

Cakes and cute shoes, a party design styled by Jen Campbell of Green Wedding Shoes. I’ve always loved Jen’s design eye, the weddings she showcases are often my absolute favorites. Imagine how thrilled I was to learn that she herself is embarking on a styling career. If this scene is a preview I believe it will be a very successful endeavor for her.

Cakes and cute shoes, a party where your closest friends would all show up to eat scrumptious cake in their most stylish shoes. Fabulously perfect inspiration for the upcoming holiday and I would completely gush over this theme at a spring shower. The bright pink paired with a crisp silver brings a sophisticated feel to a festive party table.

The tablecloth designed by Jenn is a great way to lend a modern clean touch to budget friendly DIY style. The cloth was a clearance deal that would be normally quite plain but when lined with $3 a roll silver duct tape it becomes practically a work of art.

As place settings, the very common chalk bubble is given a clean and modern finish when filled in with hand-sewn silver threading. A lovely and surprising touch! I would imagine them as fabulous custom escort cards for an upcoming wedding. The hand sewing of letters continues onto the EAT sign, backing a perfectly set dessert display that includes a yummy Valentine’s version of the popular rainbow cake, so pretty in red and pink!

Check back later today for Jenn’s DIY project to create your own hand-sewn party signs. Plus you have 48 hours to add a comment if you’d like this celebration design to win!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Wow, I really love the table setting, and the pretty flowers in the painted jars.

    We have to pick one before we see all four?!

  2. Super cute! Lots of pretty ideas!! I love it, but confused – don’t we wait to see all of them to vote? Just want to make sure I pick my fave – but this one is closed to comments after 48 hours? Will they all be posted before then? Love your site!

  3. shoe party?? why didn’t i think of that…..just LOVE!!

    agree w/ jenn, how can we vote for a winner if we don’t see the others? can we vote all week?

  4. Simply beautiful and so original! I am going to try to duplicate the cake and some of the ideas for my Valentine dinner next week! Maybe do a handsewn heart instead of EAT. Love this styling.

  5. Although this is sort of a “duh why didn’t I think if that” moment for me. It is the cake that puts this over the edge. That and the gorgeous flowers.

  6. Ooh I absolutely LOVE this! Why did I not think of this before, when cakes and cute shoes are two of my favourite things?! Love the concept, the rainbow cake and the handstitched details!