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hanging cake in the trees + printable pumpkin cake toppers

If you’ve been here long you know that I love a good dose of whimsical detailing in my designs. For the pumpkin harvest brunch I hung our bunt cakes up in the large swooping trees. A refreshing way to showcase party sweets + they were simple to cut down when it was time for eating.

To hang the cakes I turned upside down painted hat boxes, poked four holes on top and threaded thick twine through them. Each box was tied up in four places to the low hanging branches. Once balanced the cakes sat sweetly on top.

I topped each of the bunt cakes with a pumpkin harvest label to reveal the different fall flavors.

Use them to liven up your own cake in a tree, dessert table, Halloween party, or even a Thanksgiving dinner (is it too early to say that?).

Brunch photo credits to Carly Taylor.

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  1. Way to cute! I style alot of pics myself so coming up with ‘out of the box’ ways to do something is always and exciting and nerve wracking challenge. One you have mastered!
    Happy SITS day – and will be following your now as well!

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