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Cakes with bows

Cakes with Bows!

How desperately do I love a crazy easy cake that also look amazing! Slaving over something for hours just isn’t my jive. But putting gumballs, paper stars, (or today bows!) on a cake and calling it a day – now that’s a baking style I can get behind. No need for anything else on these cakes – just one gigantic fabric bow! And all your sweet dreams are solved.

cakes with bows!

Pink bow cake

Bridesmaids carry cakes with bows! Instead of flowers?

Not only are these cake bows fabulous for pulling together a birthday party in moments. I have this crazy idea that they’d be an amazing way to top cakes at a wedding! In fact, I want to have a second wedding – just to do this. An entire table filled with cakes and bows. Wouldn’t that be the greatest? And if you are really wanting to take my advice…

Skip the flowers!

Cake is better!

Bridesmaids carrying one of these bright bowed cakes down the aisle. How much better is that?!? Someone please do it and let me know how much more awesome your wedding is.

DIY Hair bows

As long as we are getting bridesmaids into the mix, make them each a matching bow for their hair! Hair bows… Cake bows… AHHH! I can’t get enough of this idea.

Cakes with bows!

Homemade cake bows

To create a similar look for your wedding, or birthday, or Thursday when you decide you need a bright cake at home (That’s not just me, right?). Make the fabric bow portion of the look. Small ones for the hair – LARGE ones for the cake. Here are the homemade bow instructions I’ve posted before (it seems my love for bows has been long in coming). Follow them, you don’t even need to sew anything. Leave the ends long and hanging for our whimsical bow look.

For the hair bows, glue a bobby pin on the backside and you are ready to roll.

Cakes with bows

To finish off the cake look – Use a wide strip of fabric and a cake pin (or you can use any clean straight pin if you have no idea what a cake pin is). Place the wide strip of fabric on a piece of wax paper and cut to size. Gently glue into place on the wax paper, using a kid’s glue stick so it doesn’t bleed through. This step is more hygienic, but totally optional. Another way to do it is to just place the fabric directly on the cake. Make sure the ends hit at where the bow will attach.

Next use the straight pin to run through the backside of the bow and stick straight into the cake. Add a candle, or not. Anyway it’s presented this simple decorating idea takes the cake! HA! And remember… a good cake pun goes a long way in stressful party planning.

PS. A duct tape bow.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).


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