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Cotton Candy Hair and Treats

Inside: Cotton Candy Hair

I’ve been a bit obsessed with cotton candy this year. If donning an entire cotton candy Halloween costume is not what you had in mind for the office party, why not use the idea as a jumping-off point to create this wild and whimsical cotton candy hair.

The way the curls and texture mimic a cone of cotton candy make the pair an easy one to pull off for any party. The look will allow for fitting in with the more costume types while keeping a sweet and stylish head about you.

cotton candy hairFlavored Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Hair

To create this whimsical cotton candy hair:

  1. Start with tousled large curl waves. You can achieve this look by pulling the hair into 2-inch sections and twisting them around into tight Bantu knots.
  2. Use a straightening iron to set the knots by clamping down around each knot, in every direction.
  3. Allow the knots to cool for about 5 minutes and then remove the knots for wild curls that seem almost sugar-spun.
  4. Pull up the cotton candy hair up to the top of the head and secure off-center to allow the cascade of candy curls to flow down one side of the head.

Cotton Candy Hair Curls

Make your own flavored and golden flaked cotton candy to complement your cotton candy hair.

Pro tip* place the cotton candy in a cute container and add vodka for a bit of extra fun.

Although this hardly feels like a recipe (more a note to follow instructions), the addition of the flakes and a spritz of flavor make our cotton candy an extra special party treat.

How to get wild hair curls (The trick is a knot + hair straightner).

Sweet Cotton Candy Treat

This sweet cotton candy treat will compliment your cotton candy hair perfectly! Although getting a cotton candy machine may seem like a bit of a splurge. Let me tell you, we use ours all the time. You will need a machine like this one to get this spun look. You will also need Gold flakes, Vanilla simple syrup, and a small spray bottle.

  1. Add the floss sugar to the cotton candy machine. As the sugar is added also sprinkle in a couple of taps of the golden edible flakes.
  2. Wind the candy around a paper cone to create a nostalgic treat. The flakes will melt right into the sugar giving the candy a subtle and festive shine.
  3. While the cotton candy is still warm from the machine. Use the spray bottle to spritz the simple syrup directly onto the candy. The syrup will dry and give the normal sugar taste a fun new flavor.

Flavored cotton candy

Let us know in the comment your favorite cotton candy flavor and where you would wear your cotton candy hair!

PS. Another fun hair idea how to dye your hair with Kool-aid.

(Photography for the Cakes & Cuts party series ©A Subtle Revelry by Jesy Almaguer | Hair Colorist – Karina Soto | Desserts – Vanilla Couture | Set – Cest Marie | Styling – Knock Your Wear | Models – Monica Paulina, Coquis Valdez, Julieta, Gaby, Anette Morgan | Assistant – Tania Rivera & Jaque Rdz).

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