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Cakes & Cuts: Dipped bunts

How to drip frosting

A color drip dipped cake is possibly the easiest way to decorate for a birthday. The skills required to get this look are minimal and the final result couldn’t look more scrumptious. Decorating techniques like this are my favorite kind… Little work and tons of beauty! Combine the easy drip dip bunt cakes with a temporary dipped bunt cut and you’ll be party ready in no time.

Rock this look at the fall bake sale or a dear friend’s birthday and make it a day to never forget.

Temporary dip dye for hair

DIY drip frosting

Party hair

It’s been great fun combining hair & cake looks to make the ultimate party style this fall. This combo is an instant favorite – a style that looks sensational on both the cake and the head, and one that is crazy easy to create.

Bunt Cakes

Ganache dipped bunt cakes

To create this simple and stunning bunt cake look you’ll need:

Ganache drip frosting

  1. Start by baking the cakes in the bunt cake pan. Allow them to fully cool and place the cakes in the fridge for at least one hour. A cold cake is of paramount importance to get this drip dipped cake just right.
  2. Use ganache instead of frosting for the thick and colorful appearance. To make the ganache place the white chocolate into a bowl and heat the cream until just boiling. Pour the cream over the chocolate and stir with a whisk until just combined.
  3. Divide the mixture into 3 small bowls and add in food gel to tint the ganache. Stir with a spoon gently to combine (do not over whisk or the mixture will be too fluffy to drip).
  4. Place the bunt cakes on a surface to catch drips and spoon frosting carefully on top. The spooned on drips will make a more substantial frosting than using a pastry bag.
  5. Gently use the side of the spoon to direct drippings down the cake sides.

Temporary dip color bunt cake

Temporary dipped bunt cut

To get the perfect temporary dip dyed hair look you will need:

  1. Start by putting the air in about 5 different ponytails. Leave out a couple sections of hair as you go for a more natural blend. Spray each ponytail with hair spray and allow to dry.
  2. Apply the hair chalk color to the hair with a firm up and down movement, starting at the bottom of the ponytail where it should be most bright and moving upwards.
  3. Clean your hands (the chalk should come right out in the sink) and begin twisting the hair right at the top of the color line and using your fingers to blend the chalk upwards. This creates a more natural blend with the chalk and won’t leave your hair looking quite so stark.

Adorn the colorful bunt for a Saturday bash and have it washed out before you step foot in the office on Monday. Carry along a tray of drip dipped bunt cakes and your hostess skills will steal the room. Getting the entire party involved in temporarily chalking their hair while snacking on these colorful cakes would be a great way to make a bridal shower or birthday even more fun.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Jesy Almaguer | Hair Colorist – Karina Soto | Desserts – Vanilla Couture | Set – Cest Marie | Styling – Knock Your Wear | Models – Monica Paulina, Coquis Valdez, Julieta, Gaby, Anette Morgan | Assistant – Tania Rivera & Jaque Rdz).

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