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Carnation garland

carnation garland

You guys spring is almost here! Last night the brightly lit evening gave me great hope that the season is quickly changing. What better way to celebrate everything this spring than with flowers strung into a wispy, yet gorgeously bold, carnation garland?

The carnation garland is a pretty way to brighten up a room for showers, birthday parties, or just because it’s Saturday and OMG – the sun is out!

carrnation garland

carnation garland

carnation garland

To make the strung carnation garland, you’ll need a couple bunches of carnations flowers. The garland will work with any type of flower, but I am partial to carnations. They are easy to work with, affordable to purchase in bunches for a party, they have nice full heads, and come in the best brightly colored hues. Carnations really make an impact when strung and bunched together.

Here is a great source for buying carnations if they are not available locally and if you can’t seem to find that perfect color – they are really easy to dye just right.

carnation garland

carnation garland

Snip off the flower heads about 1/2 inch from the base – this ensures the flower head base stays in tact. Take a small needle threaded with a string and poke it through the base of each flower head.

carnation garland

To create the most dramatic impact, bunch some of the carnations together. Put a small knot in the string to hold the bunches before hanging in door frames, windows, or over the table.

carnation garland

The carnation garland will stay fresh for up to 3 days. Just spritz with water to bring the flower heads back to life. After photographing it, we kept the strand up in our window for a number of days – it is such a pretty way to brighten up the house and rightly welcome spring.

PS. Get a similar (more lasting) look with paper flower garland.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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