Happy Mothers Day Quotes


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My Daily Creative Project

Since my work is creative – sometimes I can forget I need to be creative, just for me. I had the joy to read the new book Creativity Takes Courage this last month and it was a wonderful reminder of this. The book is filled with chapters on being creative and how the process is […]

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17 Free Trello Boards to Organize Everything

Ok guys, if you haven’t already heard of Trello, be prepared to have your world totally rocked. If you have, get ready for a handful of reasons to love it even more! I’m going to explain the how to use Trello, giving an overview of the program, showing you how I use it to organize […]

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How to Start a Blog You’re Passionate About

Blogging is really the best job ever. It gives me the ability to share the things I love, work a flexible schedule, and teach others how to do the same! It’s no wonder so many people are asking the question: how do I start a blog? I think sometimes it can seem like a big, […]

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