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8 Favorite Blog Reads

Every New Year I try to take a little time to invest in refreshing my blog feeds. I have a small list of oldie but goodie blogs that I still enjoy reading daily, but with hundreds of new sites popping up always – it is fun to find a few new inspirations every so often. […]

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Pretty still life photography in 8 tips

Running a blog with unique photos popping up every day (for 6 years!!!) has required me to shoot, style, and direct about 187 photo sessions. Yes, I’ve counted. Over this time, I’ve taught myself – with the help of some very talented friends – how to take great still shot photos of anything from pretty […]

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Older & wiser – our 6 year blogging birthday

Today is A Subtle Revelry’s blogging birthday! We’ve been blogging for 6 years you guys! It feels so crazy to even say that. I’ve taken the last couple weeks off work to process where we are and where we are going. I did not take a vacation. I did not go anywhere. Vacations with kids […]

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My production process

Our first book, Materially Crafted, is coming out in one week! You can pre-order it right here!!! I thought it would be fun today to share a bit about the process I go through to produce the posts you see here, and the process we went through for so many of the book projects as […]

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