Halloween Party Ideas

baby showers

Lines of floral flowers make a pretty backdrop for parties of all kinds this spring. They make a simple DIY party instillation that is a great option for the wall behind a brunch buffet, a beautiful spot for photo ops, or just to make a space feel more special for a celebration. The backdrop is simple to make and can be sized and colored to match your party space perfectly.

The steps to create this pretty floral backdrop are super simple.

To make the flowers: Cut a rectangle of fabric in a 6″ x 5″ length. Cut little notches at one inch intervals along the long side of the fabric. Then gently rip the fabric straight down, creating 6, 1″ x 5″ strips. Lay the strips into a flower pattern. Finally, sew a button to the center and keep the threads long in the back so they are easy to tie to the longer strips you are about to make.

To make the long fabric strips: Like the flowers, you will simply need to tear long strips of fabric that will be tied to the piece of wood.  The length will best be determined by how high your ceiling is.  Mine were about 6′ by 1.5″.

To assemble the backdrop: Install eye hooks into ceiling, remembering to consider the length of your wood and where you will need to attach your rope/ribbon. Cut one length of rope/ribbon and then use that piece to measure another piece in the exact same measurement. Tie rope/ribbon around wood and attach it to the eye hooks on both ends. Tie the long strips of fabric to your wood. Tie the flowers to the long strips, varying the distance and colors.

Instillation and photography by Tina Fussell for A Subtle Revelry.

a Bohemian brunch

Rich, jewel-toned décor brings a strong bohemian feel to this table. Each of the containers sitting atop the wood table bring in a unique decorative element to the picture. Vibrantly colored glass lanterns are suspended in the air, while exotic floral arraignments of irises, peonies, orchids and hydrangeas adorn the table below. Succulent fruits resting […]

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floral garden party

With spring having officially “sprung,” my entertaining philosophy has shifted completely to outdoor gatherings that celebrate blooming flowers and sunshine on bare shoulders. What better way to embrace the season’s bounty that by hosting a garden party, complete with loads of colorful vegetables (preferably picked straight from the garden!), a refreshing citrus cocktail and delicate […]

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