Pool Party Games To Play


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Flower straws

Flower straws! A¬†completely last minute idea I thought up while hosting our recent crafting night. We had a stash of leftover blooms and a stack of straws that needed a little extra something. The combination ended up being my favorite detail of the entire party. Doesn’t that always happen? The easiest, simplest idea so often […]

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Multi-color popsicles

A nice bright dose of summer dreaming seems appropriate for our snow filled weekend to come. I’ll be making a set of these multi-color Popsicles to instantly transport me to a breezy summer day no matter how cold it gets. The Popsicles are a nice break from cocoa (which let’s be honest, we are all […]

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Banner cookies

Say happy birthday, yum, congrats, or anything special with these banner cookies. Each banner is a cute party detail and a yummy treat tied into one special sweet. I love simple tricks like this, that can turn any cookie moment (from afternoon snack time to a milestone birthday) even sweeter! Banner Cookies Start by making […]

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