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hard candy caramel apples

Candied apples are a favorite sweet fall tradition. For a long time I made basic caramel apples, until I realized how simple it is to make a hard candy shell on top. The mixture gives all the sweetness of caramel with an added hard candy crunch – for an enormously special treat. The gorgeous caramel […]

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why don’t we – bake triple berry swirl bread

Something about the morning’s recent chill is beckoning me towards baking. The garden berries are ripe and we have family coming in town this weekend – it’s the perfect chance to bake this gorgeous triple berry swirl bread. The bread looks like one of those breakfasts you’d have to get up at 4am to start, […]

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summer berry pavlova stack

Making a gorgeous Pavlova stack is a great way to end a seasonal meal with friends. A light, fluffy meringue mixed with scrumptious summer berries makes for a dessert guests will absolutely adore. August is my favorite time for making this sweet – since berries are at their peak harvest, and I don’t need to […]

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