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dinner parties

My Sneaky Bathroom Prep Secret

When I am busy preparing for having people over, I always hit that moment when I realize I’ve spent all my time prepping and no time getting myself ready. No matter how great I plan the day, the moments I have to gussy up for the part of hostess are always cut short. I still […]

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State cheese plates

Serving a good plate of cheese is one of the ways I love to welcome guests. It’s easy (just buy the ingredients from the store). Cheese, crackers and fruit – you can’t go wrong there! We made a recent spread extra special by adding in a couple of our favorite states in the form of […]

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chocolate chocolate-chip cherry brownies

Tis the weekend of sweets and candy! Our chocolate bucket is already filled with milky, gooey wrappers – and the twins still have school parties, a house party, and trick-or-treating to go. We will be stocked up, but I’m trying to not dig into their stash too much this year. I always end up disappointed […]

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