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diy fabric twister game

We are working hard to enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather and bright sun – playing twister after school seems like a great way to do that. We made one of these awhile back for a birthday party game and my kids just adore using it as a daily toy – So I […]

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bright printable lunch bags

My kids start the new school year Monday! It seems crazy early to me and I am scrambling a bit to get everyone ready. Whether “back-to-school” is next week or next month, these adorable lunch bags will be perfect to send your kids off in a bright, festive style. They say, “let’s do this school […]

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marbleized popsicles

Refreshing summer popsicles have become quite an addiction around our home this summer. I’ve loved adding fruit to them for cool and healthy summer treats. And when combined with the recent trend of marbleizing, it creates a gorgeous layering effect that makes each pop seem like its own little work of art. Perfect for snacking and sharing on […]

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stuffed animal birthday invitations

Sending birthday invitations for a kids party can feel a bit like putting on lipstick before the gym, because really the interested party won’t even notice. That is until you send these adorable stuffed animal birthday invites that will get the attention of any kid and ensure their excitement for the big party day. They […]

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giant surprise balls

Have you participated in the tradition of using surprise balls? They look like so much fun and I’ve been wanting to make some for awhile. When I unpacked a stack of beach balls earlier this month I was instantly inspired to use them for an updated giant version. These would be a blast to have at a […]

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