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thumbprint popsicles

Falling in love with the very popular thumbprint cookie was easy to do this year. I mean, how do you resist an amazing jam flavor wrapped inside another sweet? I decided the trend should continue on into summer, and am pleased to introduce you today to my favorite new frozen treat – thumbprint popsicles! You can make […]

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cutie catcher party hats

Cutie catchers are one of those items that brings back great childhood memories for me. I spent many lazy afternoons crafting, folding and playing them with friends. That s?ens?e of nostalgia must be why I love this idea so much! Create your own simple party hats using this? age old paper craft. The cutie catcher hats look festive and whimsical for birthday […]

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simple wooden – three pallet play house

I have been wanting to give the deck a playhouse for years. I have a particular aversion to the plastic variety, but always felt that anything made of wood was far to expensive to buy and much to difficult to make. Recently, we created a summer playhouse that the kids can enjoy, we can lounge in, that is affordable, easy to build, and beautiful! This […]

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animal yogurt popsicles

Last summer I was taught the benefit of freezing yogurt for the kids. In small dots it is easy, healthy, and became an instant favorite in our home. This summer the frozen yogurt dots get a fun dose of style – in the shapes of our favorite animals! It has made our afternoon summer snack times all the more […]

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pop-up bakery

Summer is nearly upon us and along with it long, sunny days perfect for a pop-up bakery stand. The concept is a fresh take on the everyday lemonade stand and is a simple way to get the whole family involved in baking and running a shop. It doesn’t take much to have success with a bakery […]

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