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As a newly engaged bride years ago, I remember scouring the magazines looking for creative Save the Date ideas. I was excited to find something that would set the mood for our day and also be a little more whimsical than the more formal wedding invites. Now it’s so easy – you can find hundreds of creative Save the Date ideas on Pinterest, but it is still fun to dream up something unique.

These miniature car magnets are awesome, especially for a wedding that will include a drive, like getting married in the forest or at a ski resort. Pair the cute car magnets with Minted’s adventurous post-card for a date that will definitely be saved.


Creative Save The Date Ideas – Car Magnets

To make the miniature car magnets you will need:

Hot glue the date tag to the bottom of the car and secure the magnet directly in the middle of the car bottom.


Pair the magnetic cars with this set of adventurous Save the Date cards for a fun way to set your wedding vibe. Here are a few other Minted’s Postcard Save the Dates that work great with the car magnet or other creative save the date ideas.




Wouldn’t it be fun to rent a vintage car and recreate this idea using a car that matches your photo? Or use a local car, like these yellow checker NYC taxi’s to make a NYC save the date extra cute. Such an easy project to get your guests excited to be celebrating the big day (wherever it is) with you.

This Wedding Wednesday post is done in partnership with Minted and brand we use for all our invitations and cards.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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