Holiday fun this way


Paper bag holiday favors

Planning our holiday party is such a thrill for me. Making the night amazing, yet simple, and without all the cheese is a challenge I love to tackle. This is especially true for a more grown up party. To achieve that, we are hosting a cocktails and vinyls party for our friends this year.

These polka dot favor bags send the perfect hello-I-am-special signal without being overly presumptuous about themselves; just like I want my party to be. And you can put a whole table of them together in moments! An awesome way to set the table and gift a small token of care during this holiday season.

gold dot paper bags

Christmas favors

To make the polka dot favor bags, start with a brown paper bag – purchase a pad of metallic circle labels and place haphazardly around the bag. Stuff with a thoughtful gift and fold the bag over using a hole punch to punch out two holes at the top. Thread with a ribbon and end with a lettered tag and a few berries from the winter garden, or a sprig of evergreen from the tree. Simple and pretty. I have never seen a brown bag looking so sophisticated!

(Photography © Laura Stolfi)

gold foil and dust cake accents

When it comes to cake decorating the only thing I like more than fancy is easy. When we combine fancy with easy – then I am really happy. Edible gold leaf is super duper fancy (think anniversaries and golden birthdays). It’s also crazy easy, allowing you to look fabulous without the all the work. From […]

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air plant favors

Air plant party favors are one of my favorite kinds of plants. They don’t need soil, or much water (just a little spritz here and there) all the plants really need to live is water! That is my kind of plant. Air plants make amazing favors for weddings or showers. They’re are a great solution […]

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spray painted ribbon wedding favors

Matt and I are sneaking out of town to celebrate our 11 year anniversary this weekend. In some ways I cannot believe it’s been 11 years already. Our wedding was one of my favorite days. Ever. We got married before I was a blogger. Before blogs even existed. Before great detail oriented, natural wedding photography […]

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