Pool Party Games To Play


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noise maker seating cards

Making seating cards that guests find fun is easily done by re-purposing store bought noise makers. This project is simple and elegant for  a wedding and would be great fun done with deeper colors for a dinner party, or in brights for the kids. Any reason to be merry is really a reason to make […]

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quick tip: the best pies for your 69 cents

Hey everyone… I have a tip for you that will really help your summer/fall/winter/spring party planning. It’s something my mom showed me last year when planning my brother’s wedding. One very large store that we all love to hate (it rhythms with fall tart) carries these individual pies in really amazing boxes for 69 cents […]

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plaster flower seating cards

Creating seating cards for a party or wedding that look like mini-pieces of art is easy with a stash of faux flowers (you can find great ones at the dollar store) and air dry plaster. Be warned this project is a bit messy, but simple to do and its pretty design completely makes up for […]

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