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The Best Spring Crafts For Kids Ages 8-12

Setting up a place at home for my kids to craft and live out all their creative endeavors is hugely important to me, but coming up with spring crafts for kids ages 8 12 isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Kids ages 8-12 (my kids ages!) are in this funny spot where they’re not really into kid crafting any longer, but still too young to say build a fireplace. So finding crafts and TV shows for that matter, that hit this age range while allowing them to explore their creativity is huge.

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Churro Donuts Made Dreamy Using Pate A Choux Recipe

Churro Donuts, enough said!!! No, but seriously, we took this favorite treat and made it into an even better treat. It’s like all your favorites in one place. Crispy cinnamon sugary outside with a soft pate a choux recipe inside and creamy vanilla whipped cream sandwiched in between. We originally wanted to fill the donuts […]

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A Donut Bouquet For The Best Birthday Morning

Making a Donut Bouquet really is the best birthday idea ever. Whether you’re making one for yourself (happy birthday to me!), or for a friend, coworker, kid. Everyone will love you when you show up on the scenes with a bouquet of donuts in hand! And with a little craftiness up your sleeve this donut […]

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