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edible balloon birthday cake

Celebrate a special cake worthy day with a balloon birthday cake. Made with edible balloon bubbles, this cake will be a hit at the next party on your list. In case you have a New Year’s resolution to throw more awesome parties, or be more awesome in general. You can check that off your list with […]

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Happy New Year

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will be a whole new year! Every year about this time, I reflect on the blog, plan for the future, and share a little recap with you before jumping head first into the next year. This year was really intense for me on all fronts, and I have to […]

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A balloon tree skirt

Happy Friday! Are you feeling into the holiday spirit yet? We have been having a great time sharing Christmas ideas and projects. Sometimes it’s the most random, simplest ideas that I get the biggest kick out of. I was short a tree skirt the other week, but I had a lot of balloons on hand […]

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Mistletoe balloons

Nothing says holiday like mistletoe. The green, the tradition, the kissing… it is all so merry! Make a mistletoe statement this year that has all the traditional fun with a festive modern spark with mistletoe balloons. Make a mistletoe trail up a wall to fill it with festive spirit and give everyone lots of chances […]

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3 effortless tips for holiday parties

I love throwing holiday parties, but always seem to end up rushed this time of year. To allow for my dreams of revelry to come true, I’ve found a few simple tricks for making a holiday gathering come together in a pinch. A simple cocktail, a shared appetizer, and a decorative element that makes a […]

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