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Colorful Printable Advent Calendar

Advent is coming up quickly (can you believe it!?). We love to give the kids a sweet surprise to count down the days during the holiday season. This colorful printable Advent calendar template is great for stashing small treats, toys, and notes of fun things to do. The entire calendar is printable below. Along with […]

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Gummy bear cookies

It’s cookie making time of year! I love, love, love making cookies. Sometimes it’s fun to put a little twist in the mix – like creating gorgeous stained glass cookies using gummy bears. The process is simple and the shiny oils in the gummy bears make the cookies look so beautiful! Grab the extra Halloween […]

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Painted party pillows

This post is sponsored by Disney Publishing. It’s about this time of year that I start craving comfort, friends, home and all things warm. Having a best friend that you can connect with and learn about the world alongside is one of the most valuable achievements in life. I’ve been reading the new Diva and […]

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Sugar fun printable candy labels

Tis the season of sugar fun, treats and candy. There is something about the store aisles filling up with bags of goodies¬†that gives me a sweet tooth this time of year. Whether packaging sweets for a Halloween party, the classroom, or the office using personalized packages for them makes everything seem brighter and more fun. […]

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