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No sew fabric flowers

This is the week that flowers start their season, from red roses for Valentines – through peonies in May. It is the time of year when everything floral feels fresh and pretty. Make a bouquet that will last the whole season long with coordinating shades of your favorite fabric. Use the flowers lined on a string […]

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Florals for your man (in the form of meat)

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, which has me feeling all lovey dovey. And, if that wasn’t enough, yesterday Matt landed himself in the ER with some scary medical symptoms. It has left me feeling especially fond of him this week. So fond, I’d like to have him home right now and cook him a […]

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Washi tape dixie cup vase

Making Valentine gifts that are kid friendly, but not filled with candy – can be quite the challenge. I love the simple idea of covering small dixie cups with layers of washi tape and filling them with a small potted plant. The project is easy enough for a young child to be involved in its […]

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Scarf wrapped floral bouquet

No one will treasure a thoughtful bouquet quite like your mother. Pick up a gorgeous textured scarf, a handful of pretty blooms, and give her this creative arrangement for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any important day. To make the scarf wrapped bouquet you will need 8-10 stems of your favorite flower (we used lilacs), floral tape, […]

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