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reason to celebrate | cut roses

Cut roses are the perfect Monday morning treat! Hope you had a great weekend. I enjoyed styling a few details for a very pretty wedding, being around all the cut flowers and the beautiful bride made it feel like spring. Photo by Fantastic Frank via Today you inspired me. blessings.

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zip tied flowers

The Random series, a fun and whimsical take on household items. Each month I will take a random seasonal object and show you its amazing, hidden, celebration potential. Completely random… fabulously fun! Encouraging us to be more creative as we live and celebrate in the everyday. January | Zip Ties Wrapped into themselves as confetti. […]

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Garden flower stake tutorial

Earlier today I shared with you Susan’s lovely garden party. One of my favorite handcrafted features was the handmade flower stake, filled with the most lovely simple bouquet stuck in the ground. Susan has been so sweet to share the tutorial for these stakes. Make your own garden flower stakes: These would be lovely placed […]

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Plastic bottle flower vases making

With inspiration sought after, and the invitations sent out- this week we are focusing on what will make your party extra lovely. Adding a little flair, something funky, a special unexpected twist to your party’s decor with these¬†plastic bottle flower vases making. After falling head-over-heels in love with the plastic bottle wreath earlier this week, […]

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