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Apple Holiday Garland

Decorating with natural fruits has become more and more appealing to me this holiday season. Although I love cranberries, they are not the only fruit that will male a pretty impression. Adding the red texture of apples, along with greenery is a gorgeous and easy way to decorate a holiday brunch table. Simple gather apples […]

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Bright Beaded Garland

Pretty painted garland in a loopy formation adds a special, sweet touch to holiday décor. Like a string of jewels for the mantel or tree. Make this simple project by; painting small craft beads using acrylic paint. Each loop on the garland uses 25 beads and extends 4″ in length. Helpful hint: When painting, string […]

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accordion bunting: three easy looks

It’s accordion week around here – Hooray! After making my favorite accordion hats last month, I just could not stop folding paper. It is so easy, and a bit addicting. I thought it would be fun to do a short series on the different festive projects we can make with accordion paper. This week I’ll […]

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