DIY Easter Crafts


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Greenery Printable Notes & Invitations

We have been having such a fun summer and today the calendar flips to August. I can hardly believe it! It’s the month we go back to school and start all the fall required activities. As I start to write in soccer games and PFA meetings – I’m also taking time to plan out a few fun […]

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Wrapping Paper Envelopes

It’s the time of year I always start thinking about everyone I’d like to say thank you to. Our awesome teachers, mom, dad, the friend who carpools with me on Wednesdays… something about the spring garners in me a crazy desire to thank everyone who has been a part of our life this year. Creating […]

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My Favorite Framed Cities + Tie-dye Bunt Cakes

Having just moved and firmly decided to put down roots here in grand ol’ Reno, NV – I’ve been thinking a lot about the many places I’ve lived and the cities my family has loved along the way. To brighten up a corner of the new house, and to showcase all the cities we adore, […]

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