Cute Valentines Day Crafts


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Colorful Ribbon Party Hats

Colorful party hats make every birthday better. These colorful ribbon party hats are made using a technique I’ve loved for years – only made even better with bright colorful ribbons! A fun project for finishing off spring birthday parties. The way the liquid starch makes the ribbon stand upright creates hats that seem absolutely magical. I can’t imagine a better way […]

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Monkey Party Hats

The post is done in partnership with Hulu. You know we look for any reason to have a party, right!?! Well when I let my kids know all 9 seasons of Curious George, over 100 episodes, was streaming only on Hulu they began jumping with excitement. Curious George has been beloved in our family for […]

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Trimmed party hats

If you’ve been around for awhile you will know that I am a big fan of party hats (see here). A good party hat can take even the most unexcited guest and put them in a party state of mind. Adding a bit fabric and trim to plain Jane paper party hats and you’ve got a […]

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My favorite party hats

I’ve always been big fans of party hats. For grown-ups they can be a chance to remember the joys of playing dress-up. And for the kids… well, you don’t need much more than a cake filled with sprinkles and a collection of fabulous hats to turn any garden into a party. I love the idea […]

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Sail boat party hats

Now that it’s the middle of summer, we have all either spent plenty of time (or, in my case, dreamed of spending plenty of time) on a boat. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be on a boat today?!? If you don’t have the ability to be sailing around the world right now, make your boat dreams […]

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