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cutie catcher party hats

Cutie catchers are one of those items that brings back great childhood memories for me. I spent many lazy afternoons crafting, folding and playing them with friends. That s?ens?e of nostalgia must be why I love this idea so much! Create your own simple party hats using this? age old paper craft. The cutie catcher hats look festive and whimsical for birthday […]

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braided leather headdress

Celebrating and having fun is really what summer is all about. Whether you are planning a birthday, a playdate, an art and craft camp, or just an afternoon outdoors in the sun, this braided leather headdress will put everyone in a whimsical and happy mood. Make the braided leather headdress by first braiding and tying off the […]

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How to make giant hair bow

Inside: How to make a giant hair bow out of ribbon.  I’ve been looking for ways to spice up my hairstyle (mostly my bangs) for spring. Last week, I attempted a front criss-cross braid. This week, a giant hair bow party hat might just do the trick. It is one of the most fashionable and […]

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Make a Unicorn Horn

One of the most popular parties I’ve posted was Carly’s adorable unicorn birthday party. All the kids adorned these simple and pretty unicorn hats that were a huge hit! I’ve gotten so many requests for a tutorial on how to make them and here it is. Your little ones will be over the moon, or […]

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Fun and Fluffy Tulle Hats

Inside: Adorable tulle hats, tulle bows, and DIY tulle bow headbands Nothing says girlie party fun like large tulle bows, dotted with rhinestones. A birthday tulle hat that your best friend, mom, or daughter will not soon forget. Make them for guests of honor, or craft a couple to wear on those long summer days […]

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