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25 free christmas card fonts

Whether you’re a long winded, year update, note writer, or a more simple “merry everything” sender – this time of year is the season for corresponding the old-fashioned way (which I just love!). Add a selection of these free and festive holiday fonts to your arsenal and make sending those cards, invites, and thank-yous just […]

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Light Garland Christmas Party Invitations

Yesterday we had our first snow, and with Thanksgiving week coming quick, I am definitely feeling in the mood to celebrate! While you are traveling (or enjoying time off) you can get a jump start on the holidays. Planning and sending out Christmas party invitations will need to be finished soon for December parties. Which […]

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25 more great fonts for parties

It’s that time of year again, when the weather cools down and I start dreaming of all the holiday projects to come. It is my favorite season of the year – parties to throw, cards to write, and a million reasons to use a new font. We’ve updated our first party font collection for a […]

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stuffed animal birthday invitations

Sending birthday invitations for a kids party can feel a bit like putting on lipstick before the gym, because really the interested party won’t even notice. That is until you send these adorable stuffed animal birthday invites that will get the attention of any kid and ensure their excitement for the big party day. They […]

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Fun and Festive DIY Birthday Invitations

Inside: DIY vintage birthday invitations One of my favorite projects is creating fun and unique birthday invitations. These simple DIY vintage birthday invitations are one of my spring favorites!  I love the use of simple envelopes lined with pretty paper, creating a fun and festive look.  DIY Birthday Invitations To make your own – layout your […]

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