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Confetti tights

I have an important conversation to have with you today. We need to discuss how to wear confetti! Because we’ve all had those moments where we want to be as festive and fun as the party we are going to, but are not sure how to make it happen. Today I’m thrilled to share our team’s vast knowledge into how just going ahead and wearing the confetti is always the right answer. ;) Confetti in the hair, confetti as makeup, confetti everywhere…

How to wear confetti

Rainbow tights

Hot pink tights

First start with a bold and awesomely colorful choice. Keeping a selection of rainbow tights at home is the best way to always ensure you are party ready and I’m crushing hard over how fun these all look in a line. Wouldn’t it be the best idea for a bridesmaid line or to adorn all your besties for a night out on the town. GRAB THE RAINBOW TIGHTS RIGHT HERE.

Confetti Glitter hair

Confetti in the hair can be done a number of different ways. This dipped version is a favorite of mine. We used a plastic glitter type of confetti that is a great option to use in hair since it is light enough to stay put, but also bright and bold.

To recreate this look: Place freshly styled hair over a foam core board (to protect your clothes from all the hair spray). Spray generously with hairspray and then sprinkle in the confetti downward over the hair.

confetti dipped hair

I love this look with the harsh end line, because it looks like the hair has just been dipped in the confetti (So fun!). But you could go all the way up the head if prefered. Set with more hairspray before heading out to the party.

Confetti hairstyle

Confetti bun

And a bun adorned with manicure glitter confetti is gorgeous for all the types of spring parties. This confetti is made for use with nail polish so it sticks really well when sprayed into a hair style. Style the bun as desired and sprinkle the confetti throughout the hair.

Confetti hair

If you’re going to go the route of paper confetti – take a hint from our style and use a thick form cardstock cut into tiny pieces. This is not the type of look for flimsy thin paper confetti. Instead you’ll need thick small pieces to hold up to the hairspray and to not weigh down the style. Creating a side braid and sprinkling confetti only in that one part of the hair is a great way to wear the style without being overwhelmed by it.

How to wear confetti

Confetti eye

Confetti makeup look

Confetti on the face may be my favorite way ever to get party ready, quickly! To create this look we used the manicure confetti since it is small, bright and lots of fun. Using eyeshadow liquid base (or corn syrup) dab a little along the outer crease of the eye. Then gently dab the confetti onto the face in bunches with a little trailing up or down. The look is pure party fun no matter what outfit is being worn.

Confetti balloon

And that’s how to wear confetti – if you ever decide to give it a try. The look is a great way to harness your inner party vixen at every event this spring! And carrying around a large confetti balloon just adds to the fun.

PS. A confetti crown to complete the look.

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(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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