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Mint Chocolate Chip

Tis’ the weekend for sweet treats and fun dress-up. As the weather turns chilly there are not many forms of ice cream I reach for… but a few like pumpkin, peppermint and mint chocolate chip are always a welcome treat.

If dressing up like cotton candy, a party fan, or a birthday cake aren’t exactly your style, sometimes a simple bit of color can turn an everyday look into a dress-up style. Dressing up similar to a treat and carrying the treat, or better yet handing it out to guests will give great dress-up umph, without the child-like costume look. This look is perfect for the office or running in and out of school classrooms.

Be a mint chocolate chip ice cream, with a grown up twist.

Mint chocolate chip adult costume

To make the mint chocolate chip ice cream look you’ll need:

  • A grey top
  • Mint colored skirt
  • Temporary hair dye
  • And enough mint chocolate chip ice cream to serve around the office or party

Mint chocolate chip hair

Mint chocolate chip ice cream costume

  1. Section off the hair into two thick sections. We created the look using a section of about 20% of the hair in the front and the rest behind. If you are working with dark hair to begin with the grey will go on easily.
  2. Apply the temporary dye to the hair, the grey to the larger part of the hair and the mint to the front section.
  3. To get a look that resembles the ice cream, pull the hair up in a lose bun on top of the head so the sections swirl together.
  4. Adorn your chosen mint chocolate outfit and scoop out the ice cream to carry along.

The look is perfect for tomorrow’s office party where you wan to dress up, but still look appropriate for the 4pm meeting, or for the classroom parties where you are signed up to bring a treat. The kids will adore the ice cream and you’ll look the party beautifully.

PS. If it’s too cold for ice cream where you live, try the same idea with cotton candy hair, dipped bunt cakes, unicorn hair, or cinnamon rolls.

(Photography for the Cakes & Cuts party series ©A Subtle Revelry by Jesy Almaguer | Hair Colorist – Karina Soto | Desserts – Vanilla Couture | Set – Cest Marie | Styling – Knock Your Wear | Models – Monica Paulina, Coquis Valdez, Julieta, Gaby, Anette Morgan | Assistant – Tania Rivera & Jaque Rdz).

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