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cake toppers

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Lost count cake topper

My husband and I have started planning and scheming for our birthday this year. It’s a funny birthday year because I keep forgetting how old we are. Not in an I’m so old, let’s stay 26 forever kind of way. More in a somewhere in my early thirties and everything just feels like 3o-ish kind of way. […]

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Toothpick arrows

Valentine’s Day is a holiday I love to celebrate without going totally overboard – we are not doing Christmas 2.0 around here. So an easy element like small toothpicks with cut paper, that can turn anything into a festive food plate is a favorite option for a mellow, but still festive celebration. Top the kids treats for […]

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edible balloon birthday cake

Celebrate a special cake worthy day with a balloon birthday cake. Made with edible balloon bubbles, this cake will be a hit at the next party on your list. In case you have a New Year’s resolution to throw more awesome parties, or be more awesome in general. You can check that off your list with […]

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