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long and skinny candles

Long skinny candles are a birthday party favorite, but they are hard to find and expensive to purchase. I’ve made my own before and the process is so easy, I am excited to show you how. The candles have a very homemade and festive feel to them which is perfect for birthdays and special occasions. These are […]

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Super Fancy Striped Birthday Candles

Inside: Fancy striped birthday candles! Making a birthday cake feel special doesn’t mean you have to be a fondant wiz. Paint a series of rugby lines onto store-bought party candles and instantly turn a simple cake into a festive treat. I love the look of creative fancy striped birthday candles but often cannot find them where I live. […]

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Paper pinwheels

I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend! I wanted to see something happy today and pulled out my old love for paper accordions to make a colorful bunch of pinwheels. They are bright and just the perfect way to lift any sort of winter blue. Placed on top of a simple cake they […]

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Metallic Streamer Dessert Toppers

There are still many festive holiday projects coming up, but today it is pouring out and I am home sick with my daughter. It’s a day in need of sparkle, so I thought I would give a quick nod to New Years with these simple metallic sparkler dessert toppers. Make the toppers using one of my new […]

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