Cute Valentines Day Crafts


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How To Print On Wrapping Paper For Personalized Presents

It’s finally here! Time to grab all your favorite gifts for all the gals you know. We have been sharing gift guides over this last week and I hope you’ve been inspired to get your gifting on. Today we are sharing one final gift and a crazy cute way to package all these gifts up with love. Did you know you can print your own wrapping paper at home?! It’s a great way to create a thoughtful gift package and costs no extra money. Plus, you can design your own wrapping paper to say whatever wishes imaginable.

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Printable Christmas Gift Tags (With Free PDF!)

Let the wrapping begin! This year’s printable Christmas gift tags are a great way to finish off all those holiday packages. After grabbing all the great gifts we shared last week, it is now time to get them wrapped up. I don’t know about you but I love making my Christmas gift wrapping fun and personalized, that’s why […]

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Sharpie Print Wrapping

Now that spring is officially (yay!) there are more than enough reasons to wrap presents. Between birthdays, weddings, and Mother’s Day we are often caught wrapping up last minute gifts right about now. Using clean white paper + a sharpie is fun & quick way to turn every package into a miniature work of art! No […]

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Bunny Ear Wrapping

Bunny ears cut out of wrapping sounds like a great way to start off the month of March! I am beyond excited to jump into the first month of spring, to Easter, and brunches, and all that is blooming. This adorable wrapping project will start the next season off right. Wrap up presents for the kids, […]

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