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25 Easy Handmade Bows

Although, the Christmas season is behind us there are still many reasons to give gifts this coming year – birthdays, wedding season and Valentines day are all coming quickly. Here is a roundup of my favorite bow tutorials for topping every present you give this year with simple, beautiful style. 1 double bow – creature comforts | […]

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Hand Font: Canvas Gift Tags

Hand written projects bring such a nice touch to the holidays. But, what do you do if – like me – your handwriting is not so great. You fake it! I am excited to share these easy to make canvas gift tags, and let you in on a great secret for scripting your own gift […]

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Molded Clay Antlers

Antlers are such a pretty detail this time of year. These molded clay antlers are an easy afternoon project and they require no animals to be harmed in their making! With bright glitter on the end, the antlers make for a pretty packaged present. With a ribbon tied to the end, they lend an instant […]

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